Ebony: Volume 1—Against All Odds!

Bolanle Badmus, [call sign ‘Ebony’], is a captain in the Nigerian Marine Corps special forces Command. A decorated, highly efficient military officer who always achieves her objective, whatever the cost. At a time when Nigeria and her allies are fighting a continental conflict with the confederation of Kisanga, a brutal power attempting to capture and dominate Africa by force, Ebony and the rest of the Armed Forces of Nigeria must prevail at all cost.

Loved and revered by the men and women that serve under her command, they know she will always pull them through whatever the mission no matter how dangerous, because she cares for her team.

Ebony is however, an enigma. On the home front, she is the only child and sole heir of her late father, Chief Adisa Badmus, the multi-billionaire oil and gas magnate. Even though born with a silver spoon, her passion is the very hard life of military service. Perhaps, this is why she began to lean more on her fiancé, the brilliant Tolu Kasumu, who just became the acting chairman of the Badmus Conglomerate on behalf of Bolanle—except that Tolu has other ‘interests’…dangerous, romantic interests that can shatter everything!


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