ECOMOG: Nigerian Armed Forces Peace Enforcement Missions

Occurring from July 1967 to January 1970, the Nigerian civil war is, perhaps, one of the bloodiest and the most controversial civil war in Africa. The war, which left over 1 million Nigerians dead (both civilians and soldiers) and million others homeless, left its mark on the psyche of the nation, with its far reaching effects remaining with us up till today…

This series tells a comprehensive, objective and an unbiased account of the history of the Nigerian civil war, on every side—from the federal side to the Biafran side, from the effect the war had on all the majority and minority ethnic groups all over the nation, all the regional groupings and also the detailed accounts of the iconic military offensives & most well-known battles on both sides.

Not left out are the intricacies of the relationships of the international backers of both Nigeria and Biafra—and the strategic reasons why they became involved, rushing in with military & humanitarian aid, amidst the quiet, unspoken promises of access to rich mineral resources that allured them to draw closer…


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